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4 ways to build links without creating the content

You may not be rich in terms of rich content & various linkable assets on your sites, but still, you can get some relevant links & opportunities for your business online if you have an active business both in terms of online and offline mode.

The two most important factors that are content marketing and links building often complement each other on a variety of basis, but instead of this thing, there are some ways by which one can build the links even if one don’t have the plenty of resources to create useful content.

The link building today is not a mystery or hard work of SEO as it is straightforward & easy to use approach. You just have to find the relevant sites that can be able to connect with you without any kind of hesitation.

Why would any site want to link to yours?

There are a variety of reasons out there which can tell you the relationship that already exists between your site and sites on the web. The first reason can be you have a good number of resources for the audience that might attract other site owners from your relevant industry; you have good products or services, you are involved in some community events, etc. Links are the most vital part of any website, and it represents the relationship between the various sites on the web. Building the links without even creating the contents needs all your existing relationships & connections.

However, you should not make connections or relationships with the other communities just for the sake of links as this thing can breed the wrong mindset and can damage the brand reputation. You first have to focus on delivering the valuables information then only you can ensure the receiving of links for the benefit of your site. There are plenty of ways apart from just content creation by which you can secure good links. Here are few ways to build links without even creating the contents:

  • Directories
  • Partnerships
  • Community involvement
  • Testimonials & reviews

As long as your business is active in terms of great marketing, you can build fresh links without creating any contents at all.


By having your site linked to the certain relevant directories on the web can be a valuable thing for generating the traffic. They focus on a website as a whole rather than set of pages. If your site is legitimate & have relevant resources, then you can earn some good amount of links. However, directories require significant scrutiny & quality assurance, and the primary factor here is the relevance to industry. A directory that doesn’t meet these important criteria’s can be eliminated.


Partnerships can do a lot better work than any other ways and this thing many benefits like a cooperative marketing, product collaboration, valuable link opportunities, etc. Co-authoring is also a vital way to build the new partnerships online in an effective procedure. But at the same time if you have the existing business relationships with you then link building becomes easier for you without even creating the contents. Basically, the real world partners can be the ideal partners for you like offline partnerships, and this can be treated as the legitimate partnership.

Also, if you are a part of any professional network or even association, then you should have certain links which can point back to your site being a part of a partnership in case there are a list of members present in that association.

Community engagement

There are varieties of ways in which a company give back something to their community both in terms of local and inside the industry and supporting the local community can also open up the doors for the various brand building opportunities.

Search engine giants like Google consider these types of links as votes, so it’s like getting new links every time you get voted. But at the same time, you need to consider the generating address of these websites as the links you are getting must be relevant to your work area. The more votes you get that means, the more credibility you are going to add to your site and thus a higher ranking to your site in search results. You should always seek to show actions, events and partnerships in which your business is already involved. Sponsoring some charity events for the supreme purpose of securing links is a wrong mindset.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in your community to earn some relevant links for your sites:

  • By sponsoring some local events
  • By doing a charity work
  • offering scholarships to the local colleges
  • participating or conducting interviews
  • making a recruitment on a local basis for your company
  • by hosting conferences, shows or other networking events


Just as similar to the relationships and partnerships, the links of testimonials are considered as the byproducts of the existing relationships. Just think about the various products and services while considering the testimonial opportunities that can contribute to the day-day operations. You should provide the testimonials only if you believe in your business not just for the sake of backlinks. You need to consider the third party apps that can be essential for your business along with this considering all the equipment that can make the production going on with the clean working environment can benefit you a lot. Reach out and let them know the companies who share their testimonials on their sites and you can tell them on their sites that you would love to share testimonials on their sites for the great and effective service. If you are looking for an SEO company in India, visit this website.


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