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7 Most Ordinary Local Myths to Clear about SEO

SEO is the activity of optimizing the web pages or the full sites to make the websites friendly to the search engines. Removing these myths of every SEO friendly user makes your sites experience better and reliable. Also, it will clear all the misconceptions attached in the minds of SEOs.

For those who are still not using this powerful tool and are hesitating it just because of attachment of some myths to it, but actually they are not. Here are the 7 myths about SEO which we have to bury deep inside the earth:

Myth#1 Deletion of Listing from Google’s Business Page (My business) tends to delete user’s Google Listing Entirely.

Duplication of listing is the really major concern in the case of making SEO friendly strategies and it’s becoming a burden for business owners. Now most of the people do the task of removing this duplicate listing by the dashboard of Google Business Page then it becomes a serious matter and it will become “Non-Verified” list.

Myth#2 Complete Failure in claiming the page of your own will result in a depreciation of ranking everywhere.

This is not a thing that can be done by mature persons because of the knowledge involved in claiming. As it is not a tradition to do the verification every time. Clearly, it will not gona affect your Rankings.

Myth#3 Listing of Professional or Practitioner are considered redundant and can be removed from the user side.

This is not a complete truth about the SEO. By professional we mean that it is not under public facing. As in the case of support staff, the listing is not required then Google will completely delete it if they exist, so every time the business should have the only individual who is public facing.

Myth#4 improvising the Rank of your page by posting something relevant to the page in Google Plus

Your posts will not be seen or like by people until and unless they really make a search for your business by the particular name. It doesn’t include any listing of your social networking page related to Google Plus.

Myth#5 Optimization of “Maps SEO” can be done separately from the “Organic SEO”.

The further optimization of “Maps SEO” cannot be separately done from the optimization of “Organic SEO”. Without having a strong ranking in organic SEO with heavy Local SEO signals. For more understanding it is sometimes easy to hire the local SEO services.

Myth#6 Google Employees having highest authority

Same to some other private organizations, Employees at Google does not have authority to reveal any tricks or tactics for improvisation of Ranking. But on the other hand, it is believed to carry the advice they gave under many forums as well as in Google Plus posts.

Myth#7 Large Service Area means chances are more for business to go higher.

It really doesn’t matter whether you have large or small service area to successfully promote your business online. You cannot expect a higher rank by having a larger area and vice versa is also true.


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