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Steps to Gain 100 out of 100 on the Google Page Speed Test Tool

These recommendations are very useful; however you can approach other information also on the internet about making 100/100 on Speed test. The best approach to do tackling of this kind of problem is to use as many optimizations as one can at your convenience.

The first priority of every SEO Ranking task is to achieve a brilliant user experience that can be achieved if and only if your website has to be loaded in a quick time, because visitors don’t have any patience for waiting more on a particular website, in that way you can lose your customers. By considering that point in mind, we will discuss some strategies to score 100/ 100 with page speed test tool of the Google.

Steps to Gain 100/100:

Optimization of your Sites Images

You can take the help of compressing software’s to compress various images. In this way, you can reduce around 70 to 80% in some cases, without compromising the quality of the images. After optimization of those images always remember to optimize every new image.

Minimize JS and CSS

One thing that is almost known to everybody is performing some minimization on your code it can anything like HTML, CSS or JavaScript code. Here every byte counts. You can remove some unnecessary code like tags of no use, use compressing software for automatically deducting the irrelevant codes of CSS and JavaScript.

Leverage Cache of Browsers

If your pages taking a time more than 260ms then it will not be good enough for the loading of your site. Also, browser cache that is a cache of the client side is most important. Apart from that to save more bandwidth you should increasing the expiration time in which a site goes off.

Remove resources of Render-Blocking

This option requires some technical knowledge; however the main problem we have to deal here is to move all JS code from the header part and taking it into the footer side. For that, your SEO company can use automated plug-ins and inline you CSS properties.

Enable compression

Implement compression at the client side to increase the bandwidth without taking any major consideration. It is a known and very simple method to achieve a full score.

Optimization of Mobile Experience

Make your site responsive for all the mobile devices that can look same with different resolutions, fonts, screen size etc. Your seo service provider can perform some checks that how your website looks like on various mobile platforms. For that take a help of Google Chrome under the developers option.

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